Based on the technique of coffee making, the roasting of coffee beans and the tastes we distinguish five coffee cultures in the world: Turkish-Arabic, Viennese, German, American and Italian. The representative of the latest is Caffé Perté, which strives to present all substances of this culture in Hungary, too.

Italian coffee is characteristically thick, strong and short. The main reason of this is climate. In the Italian peninsula the sun almost always shines and the temperature is nearly 40 degree Celsius. Stifling heat makes people sleepy and apathetic; however, Italians like to stay active. Accordingly, the coffee made by them makes them awake, not only by its strength, but also by its taste and scent.

Other characteristic of the Italian coffee is the special technique by which the coffee, the espresso is being prepared. Italians have significant part in the development and improvement of professional coffee-machines. Accordingly, Caffé Perté considers it important that the best Italian technique can be available for the Hungarian coffee bars and for the lovers of coffee. Faema coffee-machines that are traded by them really represent the highest quality.

The third characteristic of Italian culture is the bar. The places where Italians drink coffee are mainly coffee bars and the open terraces. In Italy streets and coffee bars are forums and “summer cottages”, the special extensions of homes. In summer people almost live in the streets, in the terraces of coffee-bars and restaurants.

Accordingly, Caffé Perté exclusively delivers for coffee-houses in Hungary. There are thousands of places, bars, coffee-bars and restaurants where we can have a passion for the Italian espresso and other coffee drinks in Hungary. Perté delivers almost every place its top-quality premium coffees and the technology and professionalism necessary for making these.

If you have not met Perté yet, visit one of our partners and taste our coffee specialities.