We inform you as our website’s visitor and user about our privacy and data protection rules.

This website is operated by Caffé Perté Kft.


  1. What are the principles behind our data management?


Our company follows the following principles in its data management:


(a) your personal data will be legally, fairly transparently treated.

  1. b) personal data is collected only for specific, clear and legitimate purposes and are not treated in a manner that is incompatible with the purposes.
  2. c) personal data collected and processed by us are relevant to the purposes of data management and are limited to what is needed.
  3. d) our Company makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information we manage is accurate and, if necessary, up-to-date, inaccurate personal data is deleted or corrected immediately.
  4. e) we keep your personal data in a way that you can be only identified for the time needed for the purpose of managing personal data.
  5. f) we provide adequate technical and organizational measures to ensure the proper security of personal data against unauthorized or unlawful handling, loss, destruction or damage to data.

Our company and your personal data

(a) Our company collects, records, systematizes, stores and uses your data based on your prior informed and voluntary consent, and only to the extent necessary and only treated purposefully.

  1. b) In some cases your data is handled because of legal requirement and is compulsory, and in such cases we will specifically remind you of this fact.
  2. c) In some cases, our Company or third party has a legitimate interest in managing your personal data, such as the operation, development and security of our website, web store.


  1. We are data controllers

Our company name is: Caffé Perté Kft.

Headquarters: 2040 Budaörs, Factory u.2.


Contact:  in office; 2040 Budaörs, Gyár u 2.

Our address: In office; 2040 Budaörs, Gyár u.2.

Our phone number: 00 36 23-503-826

Our e-mail address:

VAT number : HU12102642

Our Company Registration Number: 13 09 093805

Contact details of our Data Protection Officer (e-mail address):

Chamber membership : NAK G204000322952

Data Processing: In case of data processors, we will give you information on specific activities or on request.


Data we manage:


Name of activity and purpose of data management Legal basis Treated data Duration
Visit the website

The goal is to ensure the proper and high quality usage of the website, to check and improve the quality of our services, to identify malicious visitors visiting our site, to measure the visitation, and to achieve statistical goals.

Legitimate interest of our company Online ID, the date of the visit, the IP address, the type of operation system, you are using Next visit, maximum 48 hours


Registration and shopping in the Web shop

Usage of services of the web Store  The purpose is to register and record of the visitors

Handling and fulfilment of orders,

Handling of purchases, billing and delivery

Handling of complaints, and recalls,

analysing the habits of our customers,

contact with our customers




legal instructions

(GDPR Article 6 (1) (c)

Eker law. Section 13 / A,

Accounting. law. 169).

User name,

E-mail address, first name last name

and online e-mail address,  identifier

the content of your cart

the details of your purchases (product, quantity, price, date),

pay-related data (bank account-number,

cash on delivery),

single or long-term sales, participation in promotions,

delivery details: delivery deadline a delivery address (zip code, city, address, floor, door) or details of the delivery point, telephone number

billing name, in the case of a natural person first name and last name,

tax number or tax identification number (as far as these data are required for billing)

billing address (zip code, country, county, city, address, district, house number, floor, door))

until the registration is canceled or the consent is withdrawn.

The retention period for data related to the performance of contracts is 5 years. The invoices issued and the documents on the basis of which the invoices were issued have a conservation period of 8 years.

Newsletter service

Purpose: to keep contact,

You will be notified about new sales and new products

consent E-mail address, first name, last name Unsubscribe from the newsletter or withdrawing the consent directly in your account
Direct marketing service

based ont he analysis of your customer’s habits

we prepare and send personalized offers,

We contact you for business purposes,

we send information about the products and services we sell.

consent E-mail address, first name, last name Unsubscribe from direct marketing service or withdrawing the consent directly in your account
Administration, complaint

reply to comments, or  complaints

·         legal obligation ·         full name

·         e-mail address

·         phone number

·         correspondence address

·         other personal message

·         5 years


We only ask our visitors to provide personal data when registering, signing up or buying at our webshop. We will not link the personal data provided during registration or webshop services and the identification of our visitors is basically not our aim

You can contact us at via e-mail or ask for further information at our postal address if you have any questions about data handling, and we will send you answer not later than within 1 month to the address you gave.


  1. What are the cookies and how we handle them?


Cookies are small data files that are placed on your computer via the web site and are saved and stored by your web browser. Most of the frequently used web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) accept and allow the download and use of cookies by default, but it is up to you to accept or change the settings of your browser, or you can delete the previously stored cookies from your computer. For more information on using cookies, see the “Help” section of each browser.

There are cookies that do not require your prior consent. You will receive short information about these during your first visit on our website, such as authentication, multimedia player, load balancing, cookies to customize the user interface, and user-centred security cookies.

About the cookies requiring the consent – if the data management begins with the visit of the site – our company will inform you and the request of your consent at the beginning of the first visit.

Our company does not use or allow cookies that allow third parties to collect data without your consent.

Acceptance of cookies is not mandatory, but our Company accepts no liability if, in the absence of cookies, our website may not function as expected.



What kind of the cookies are used?

Category Service Role Duration


Allow the website to remember information such as the language or region you choose. 1 day

It collects statistical data related to visitor’ behaviour 2 years or the duration of the visit

Duration of the visit


Marketing cookies are used to track web site visitors. The goal is to show ads that are relevant and useful to the user and are therefore more valuable to viewers and third party advertisers. 2 years or the duration of the visit

Duration of the visit

179 days, or the duration of the visit

Duration of the visit

6 months

System cookies the cookie of the web application firewall session is used to prevent misuse of cookies,

Its purpose is to ensure the operation of the website. Does not require consent.

Duration of visit
tracking cookie   for personalization, to remember to your settings

Its purpose is to increase the efficiency of our service. It requires consent.

….. day
tracking cookie

(from third party)

  Google Analytics web tracking service saves and identifies new sessions and visitors, its purpose is to connect to third-party sites (such as Google) when visiting the web site.

Does not require consent

…. minute


Detailed information of third-party cookies can be found here at
and about privacy you can read at

  1. What do you need to know about our website data management?

You provide us voluntarily with personal information when registering or contacting our Company therefore, we ask you to ensure that your data are correct and accurate as you are responsible for. Incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete data may be an obstacle to use our services.

If you do not provide personal information of your own but other person, we assume that you have the authority to do so.

You may revoke your consent for data management at any time

  • by deleting the registration,
  • by withdrawal of consent to data handling, or
  • by withdrawing the handling or using of any data you gave during the registration procedure or by the request of blocking it.

Registration for the withdrawal of the consent, if you do not make it across the web site for technical reasons – we undertake a 30-day deadline but please note that we may treat some data after the withdrawal of the consent to enforce our legal obligation or enforce our legitimate interests.

In case of the usage of fraudulent personal data, or when a visitor commits a criminal case or attacks our Company’ system, his or her registration and simultaneously his/her data will be deleted immediately and, if necessary we preserve them during the period of civil liability or criminal proceedings.


  1. What is there to know about our direct marketing and newsletter management?

With the declaration you made during the registration or given it later by modifying your personal data on the interface of the direct marketing or the newsletter (so expressing the intention to consent) you can give your consent that your personal data can be used for marketing purposes. In this case, until your consent is withdrawn, your data will also be handled for direct marketing and / or newsletter delivery and promotional and other mail, information and offers and / or newsletters will be sent to you (Grtv 6 § ) .

You may grant your consent both for direct marketing and newsletter together or separately, or you can withdraw it free of charge and at any time.

Cancellation of the registration is always considered as withdrawal of consent. We do not consider the withdrawal of the consent for direct marketing and / or newsletters as a cancellation of the data handling consent on our site.

What is that? What and on what basis do we keep you data if the newsletter sending consent is cancelled? In the case of consents, every kind of consent is for a specific purpose, so registering to our web site and registering for newsletter are two separate goals, the two cannot be related.

Withdrawal of consents or cancellation of registrations, if not made on the web site, for technical reasons, we undertake a 30-day deadline.




  1. Other data handling issues

Your data may only be forwarded under determined terms, and we may provide your data only with contractual terms for our data processors, so that your data may not be used contrary to your personal consent. See Section 2 for more information.

Our company does not forward data abroad.

The court, the prosecutor’s office and other authorities (e.g. police, tax office, National Privacy and Data Protection Authority) may contact our Company for information, disclosure of data or documents. In these cases, we must fulfil our reporting obligations, but only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of the request.

Contributors and employees participating in the data management and / or data processing of our Company are entitled to know your personal data at a pre-determined level, subject to the obligation of confidentiality.

Your personal information will be protected by appropriate technical and other measures, as well as safeguarding the security, availability and protection of data against unauthorized access, alteration, damage, disclosure and any other unauthorized use.

Through organizational measures, we check physical access to our buildings, train our employees on a continuous basis and keep paper-based documents safe. Encryption, password protection and antivirus software are used in technical measures. However, please note that data overlay via the Internet cannot be considered as a fully secure data transfer. Our company does its utmost to make the processes as safe as possible, but we cannot take full responsibility for the transfer of data via our web site but we strictly comply with the data received from our Company regarding the security of your data and the illegal to prevent access.

For security issues, please help with keeping your existing access password on our website and sharing this password with no one else.


  1. What are your rights and remedies?

You can ask about our data management as follows

  • request of information,
  • request the rectification, amendment, supplementation,
  • you may object to data handling and may request the deletion and blocking of your data (excluding mandatory data handling),
  • you may have legal remedies before the courts,
  • You may file a complaint with the supervisory authority or initiate a procedure (

Supervisory Authority: National Data Protection and Information Authority

Headquarters: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22 / c.

Mailing Address: 1530 Budapest, Pf .: 5.

Phone: +36 (1) 391-1400

Fax: +36 (1) 391-1410


Website: https: //

At your request, we will provide you with information given by you to us or by our authorized data processor as of:


source of data,

the purpose and legal basis of data management,

its duration and, if this is not possible, of the criteria for determining this period,

about the names, addresses and data management of our data processors,

the circumstances of data protection incidents and measures taken to prevent and prevent them,

in case of the transfer of your personal data its legal basis and the addressee of the transfer.

We will notify you at the shortest possible time, within a maximum of 1 month from the submission of the application. Information is provided free of charge if you have already submitted an information request for the same data field in the current year. We can only disclose information in statutory cases by indicating the legal status and by informing the court and the possibility of turning to the Authority.

Our Company notifies you of any personal data correction, blocking, marking or deletion, furthermore any other person who previously forwarded the data for data processing to, unless the failure to notify violates your legitimate interest.

If we fail to comply with your claim for rectification, blocking or deletion, we will notify you in writing or, – with your consent, by e-mail, within a maximum of 1 month of receipt of your request, and we inform you about the reasons for the refusal and we will inform you of the possibility of appeal to the Court or as well as the possibility of turning to the Authority.

If you object to the handling of your personal data, the protest will be reviewed within a maximum of 1 month from the submission of the application and your decision will be notified in writing. If we have decided that your protest is substantiated in that case the data management, including further data collection and transfer of data, will be discontinued and the data will be blocked, and the protest and any action taken on it will be notified to all those who the personal data involved in the protest have been forwarded and who are obliged to take action in order to enforce the right to protest.

We will refuse to comply with the request if we prove that data management is justified by legitimate reasons of enforceability that prevail over your interests, rights and freedoms or which relate to the submission, enforcement, or defence of legal claims. If you do not agree with our decision, or if you fail to comply with the deadline, you may contact the court within 30 days from the date of notification of the decision or from the last day of the deadline.

The processing of data protection claims falls within the competence of the court, and the court may initiate proceedings before the court of domicile or residence of the person concerned, according to the choice of the party concerned. Foreign nationals can also complain to the supervisory authority of their place of residence.

Please contact our Company before contacting the supervisory authority or court with your complain in order to conciliating and solving the problem as quickly as possible.


  1. . What are the main guiding rules for our activities?


Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the management of personal data (GDPR)

Act CXII of 2011 on Information Freedom of Information and Freedom of Information; Act – (Info tv.)

Act V of 2013 on Civil Code (Ptk.)

in accordance with the CVIII Act of 2001 on certain electronic commerce services and information society services; Act – (Eker tv.)

Act C of 2003 on Electronic Communications (Ehtv)

the 1997 CLV Act on Consumer Protection; Act (TV show).

the CLXV 2013 Complaints and Announcements for Public Interest; law. (FAs).

Act XLVIII of 2008 on the Fundamental Terms and Limitations of Economic Advertising Activity. Act (Gvt.)


  1. Modification of the Privacy Policy


Our Company reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy, which is duly communicated to the persons involved. Data management information is available at