All Italian coffee has a history. Almost all of these histories deal with the passionate love of an ambitious man towards coffee, with his commitment to quality, with his success, sometimes with his failures and of course these deal with coffee itself. In case of Caffé Perté this man is Giampiero Roncadi.

The story

The Roncadi family has been engaged in coffee business for more than 50 years. Roncadi the senior was among the first regional representative of Segafredo that operated as a family grinder plant at that time. He had such a strong friendship with the owner of the Company, that christened his son who was born in 1966 Giampiero.

In 1974 the head of the family founded an individual company called Caffé Pelé and built the first grinder plant of the family next to Modena, in Medolla. Family Rocandi with its high-quality coffee quickly became celebrated in the whole province of Modena.

In the late 80s comes an idea that Caffé Pelé should plant its foot in Hungary. First the coffees were imported, than in order to be able to deliver an always fresh coffee to their partners they built a grinding plant in Kecskemét in the beginning of the 90s.

The Hungarian company run up when Roncadi Giampiero Jr took over the management of the company in 1995 and founded Caffé Perté Trading Ltd. In the beginning there were only three employees with a strong sense of vocation, but due to their special love toward coffee and their exceptional professionalism, the company started to increase spectacular in a little while.
Caffé Perté has established a premise and a coffee roasting plant of European standard in Budaörs in 2002. Nowadays, there are 25 employees working for the service of more than a thousand domestic and foreign coffee-houses.