Four C – in the spirit of excellence

The Credo of excellent coffee is the four “C”-s, which is concerned as obligatory for the partners of Caffé Perté by all means. Without this Caffé Perté could not be as it is today: the synonym of unforgettable and creamy coffee rich in flavour.

1. C as Coffee
– Only first-class selected raw coffee can be used and the coffee delivered has to be fresh at all times

2. C as Coffee-grinder
– The optimal size of granulation can only be prepared by a coffee-grinder that is regularly maintained and set.

3. C as Coffee-maker
– Only precisely set temperature and stem-pressure and also the regularly maintained coffee-maker grants the original Caffé Perté quality.

4. C as Confidential hand
– The hand that exactly knows how Caffé Perté coffees have to be made. There are professional staffs with a sense of vocation trained by the officers of the Company.

Caffé Perté

The Caffé Perté Company has been present on the Hungarian market since 1996. Our parent company exists in Modena, Italy and was founded in 1974. We opened our coffee roasting plant of European standard in Budaörs Hungary in 2002. Our company produces 5 different types of coffee with and without caffeine using the most modern technology, based on old Italian family recipes. The selected and cleaned row coffee of excellent quality always comes from the most famous plantations of South-America, representing a stable quality. The nearly 150 recipes in our possession help us to produce exclusive personalized coffee. We are the only company in Hungary which delivers fresh coffee always, roasted every week for our partners. We are present in more European countries, but our intention is to increase our partnership in the international market, so we welcome the reseller’s interests.